Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).

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What car does Tyler have?

The full garage of Tyler is exposed to us in the LEMONHEAD music video from the new album. Tyler The Creator cars are: BMW E30 M3, McLaren 675LT, Pink Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1 & 2, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Camargue. A tasteful collection of supercars, SUVs and euro rally classics. He also shares a love for bimmers with Frank Ocean. Lately, In one of his latest videos, he featured a yellow Ferrari Enzo which is an Italian whip and he will most likely want to add one to his garage in the future as they are rising in value fast (prices: 5 million dollars).

“I remember being 11, and I had a toy version of a 550 Maranello Ferrari, and I was so obsessed. And then I turned 15, and I was like, ‘Man, that Golf GTI Volkswagen looks so cool.’”

Tyler, the Creator

What car is Tyler’s pink car? (Fiat 131 Abarth Rally)

Tyler the creator pink car Fiat
Tyler’s pink Fiat

The poster child out of all the cars that were featured in his new album is the baby pink Fiat Abarth 131 Rally. Bright with colorful tire text. “Call me if you get lost” is an ode to his album and fits perfectly on the set of Toyo tires. Altough some might think its over the top, for me, this goes well with the overall theme of his style which is bold and filled with over the top statements. The

The Fiat 131 was released back in 1974 as a family car featuring sedan, avant, and coupe variants. It wasn’t powerful, it was quite an ordinary economy car of the time but the Abarth version still managed to find its way to the hearts of car enthusiasts as it competed in Group 4 rally from 1976 to 1980. Its coolest feature is the boxy body shape and flared wheel arches. It looks understated but not boring, it’s like taking your mongrel dog to a pure-breed competition and not getting the last place because you have extensively trained and modified the looks of it to an extent that it’s indistinguishable from the real deal. That is the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, a family economy box that belongs on rallying roads. Markku Alén and Walter Röhrl both won a Driver’s Championship (78′ and 80′) with it and it was a 3-time Constructors Champion (77′, 78′, 80′) as well.

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Fiat 131 Abarth

Tyler The Creator cars: Lancia Delta Intergrale Evo 1 & 2 (Blue)

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler being Tyler in the Lancia

The baby blue Lancia Delta Integrale was featured in the WUSYANAME visuals where he takes a trip through some beautiful mountain roads with some suitcases packed on the top of the car. But Tyler has a second dark blue Delta Integrale as well. The dark blue Lancia doesn’t get much love and it hasn’t been spotted outside of the LEMONHEAD video, maybe he got one to drive and one to stock away. It is apparent that Tyler, The Creator’s cars aren’t randomly chosen like most celeb’s. He cares about the heritage of certain brands and the history of certain models which shows he is a true car enthusiast.

The Lancia Delta Integrale is one of the most successful rally cars ever. It won the Manufacturer’s Championship six times and Driver’s 4 times. From 1987, when the car first competed the car company saw a 47% increase in sales thanks to its rallying success.

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler, The Creators baby blue Lancia

Tyler, The Creator’s BMW’s

People ofter ask: Does Tyler the Creator have an E30? Yes, like Frank Ocean’s car collection, Tyler loves BMW as well, having a classic E30 M3 in a beautiful cream color. They have frequently been seen together driving their bimmers. When Frank made his obsession with the german brand apparent by adding a bright orange M3 on the cover of Nostalgia. Ultra, Tyler started out by giving away his 1990 BMW 325is E30 at the 3rd annual Camp Flog Gnaw carnival.

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler, The Creator with his BMW M3 (E30)

Tyler said that the colorway of his BMW is his favorite and he also had a bicycle made with matching cream and blue. He loves biking and one of them was called Slater, but it was recently dumped along with his go-kart. He also keeps a stack of CDs in the bimmer with some of his favorite albums, he enjoys the older speakers of the car. Even though they are not as great quality they provide more texture and sound unique. Something that the newer cars lack. Some of the artists in his collection are Ronnie Foster, Amy Winehouse and Black Eyed Peas.

First Bimmer: E92 M3

He has also owned an E92 M3 in white. It’s a special model, 1 out of 100 Frozen Silver Competition Edition, which was built to commemorate the M division’s 40th anniversary. He got it as his first BMW but was overall his second car. The first car he had was an old Honda Accord.

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler The Creator BMW M3 (E92)

Does Tyler The Creator own a McLaren?

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler in McLaren Factory

Lyrics from Telephone Calls
F**k the Rolls and f**k the ‘Rari
F**k the Lambo’, Tyler only ride McLaren

Lyrics from What’s Good
Sick of that ‘Claren talk, I’m on my third one

Yes! From visiting the factory back in 2015 and driving the Mclaren F1 to owning the 675LT and MP4-12C. The latter one was included on the cover photo of his “Flower Boy” album. He bought the first Mclaren in 2015. Tyler, The Creator’s favorite car brand is probably the McLaren according to his lyrics. His current car is a 675LT with a grey exterior and orange interior. It does 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler, The Creator McLaren 675LT

First McLaren: MP4-12C

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler The Creator cars

His first McLaren was a white MP4, which was also a comeback model for the car company as it had had a hiatus from making supercars since the McLaren F1 in 1998. Tyler had the car customized with an OF sticker on top of the fuel door and was frequently seen driving it around. One time the car broke down on him and he started dancing next to it. When he bought this car, it became apparent that Tyler The Creator cars collection is becoming more serious. It showed a new side to his personality – a flashy car guy not ashamed of his wealth and fancy things.

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler’s McLaren with a sticker

The 400k$ Rolls-Royce Cullinan owned by Tyler Okonma

If you were to ask what car does Tyler, The Creator drive the most, it would probably be the Rolls-Royce Cullinan as it is the most comfortable one and perfect for long road trips. He was previously seen in a white car and at one point a darker color car but from LEMONHEAD, we know he has a dark green Cullinan. It is a tank, 2 and a half tons, a V12 engine making over 500 horsepower, and cost Tyler 400 grand. Pictures of Tyler The Creator Rolls Royce are a few but hopefully he will bring the car to the streets one day. He has said that driving the Cullinan is like being in a jet, it really is that comfortable and luxorious. The car was also used in a road trip to Utah during snowy weather.

Tyler, The Creator Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Tyler, The Creator Rolls-Royce Cullinan

He has a second Rolls-Royce as well in the collection, which is a vintage car from the 1930s. Perhaps a Phantom II. If you know the exact model of this car, write us. Tyler tweeted that he wanted to equip his Rolls with a bike rack but for some regulatory reasons, it wasn’t possible. For the LEMONHEAD video, he still managed to make it happen.

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler Rolls-Royce Tweeet

Rolls-Royce Camargue

The underdog in his collection is an old luxurious british Rolls, the Camargue. It fits in shape wise with the Lancia and Fiat perfectly and he has commented on the cars looks and how he like the shape of that eras cars. For him they are beautiful altough at the time, they weren’t regarded as the best looking cars.

Tylers Cars: Rolls-Royce
Tylers Cars: Rolls-Royce

First serious sports car: Audi R8

Back in 2014 Tyler, The Creator also had a Audi R8 in his car collection. It’s a white car fitted with custom wheels.

Tyler The Creator cars references in music

Tyler, The Creator – Bimmer Ft. Frank Ocean is the perfect song that captures their love for BMW. It’s also the first song that really shows their car obsession.

You remind me of my bimmer
A lot of trunk space, the perfect two-seater

There are plenty of car references on later songs as well. In 2seater, Tyler raps about his E92 M3 which is a special Frozen Silver Competition Edition.

E92, but ’91 the year that Tyler was spawned

In his song “Who Dat Boy” we get more references of the McLaren and in the video he is seen escaping the police.

Get out of my way güey, boy, that’s McLaren
That’s 0 to 60 in 2 point nueve, I’m gone

In the song “Okra” we get a closer look at his Mclaren 675LTh which is in a beautiful grey color with an orange interior. He also tells us the price of the car, a whopping 400 000$.

Check my bankroll, ayo, 400K for vehicle
Paintjob look like ashy ankles on Django, interior look mango

The song Group B is named after the set of regulations introduced in WRC from 1982 to 1986. He takes the opportunity to tell everyone that he ordered a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Hit Wallace, I just ordered a Cullinan

How much are Tyler The Creator’s cars worth?

Adding up the prices of his current garage: his cars are worth around 1.2 million dollars. This does not include the modifications he has done to his cars. As we know, he does like to tune some of them, especially the BMWs.

McLaren 675LT = 375 000$
Rolls-Royce Cullinan = 400 000$
Rolls-Royce Camargue = 150 000$
Lancia Delta Integrale (baby blue) = 45 000$
Lancia Delta Integrale (dark blue) = 45 000$
Fiat 131 Abarth Rally = 200 000$
BMW M3 = 60 000$
Total = 1 275 00$

Fan favourite Tylers cars

In a recent reddit thread, fans were asked what are the favourite vehicles of Tylers. The answers were varied but the most popular answers was surprising: his go-kart featured in the Cherry Bomb album visuals.

Tyler The Creator Cars_ Cherry Bomb go kart
Tyler The Creator Cars: Cherry Bomb go-kart

Other popular answers were the cream BMW M3, pink Fiat and the McLaren. No one mentioned the Rolls-Royce Camargue which is his least known car. People also suggested him to pick up and Audi Quattro or a Ferrari Enzo. Overall everyone agreed that he has a great taste in cars and should continue expanding the collection.

His own dreams are owning the LaFerrari in dark Kelly green (he raps about it in “WHAT THE **** RIGHT NOW“), the F40 and a Lamborghini truck. Even though the new one is out (Lamborhini Urus), he wants the old-school LM002. It fits into his collection perfectly as it is boxy like the Lancia, Fiat and Rolls-Royce.

Tyler, The Creator’s car crash

Tyler crashed his Tesla Model X when driving home from the studio after a late-night making music. He hit a parked car that flew 50 feet backwards from the impact. Thankfully no one got hurt and Tyler’s accident ended with just a scare. He later went on to Instagram to give us a report of what had happened:

“My big doopy ass usually go to sleep 10:30 (i wake up at 7 er morn) and guess who wanted to finish music super late and dosed off for a few seconds while driving home, im a dumb ass bitch but lil mama don’t have a scratch im lucky. I calmly jumped out the back and called the people. thanks elon for the excessive airbags u a qt. good day sir”

Tyler The Creator cars, new collection from McLaren to BMW (7 cars).
Tyler, The Creator car crash aftermath

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Tyler develop his love for cars, especially the different types he owns?

His passion started from childhood when he first saw cool cars like the Ferrari 550 and Audi models. They gave him inspiration and he found great aesthetic value in cars and became obsessed with them.

What influences Tyler’s decisions when he adds new cars to his collection?

The first is aesthetics, lately he has found a love for boxy shaped older European cars, but he also likes the history and stories of those cars.

Does Tyler, The Creator tune his cars?

He is known to modify the aesthetics, he likes to pain his cars and remake the intriors. He has done extensively so on his BMW.

Tyler’s gallery with vehicles

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