About Atelier Eau Rouge

Atelier Eau Rouge was founded in 2017 by Karl Aleksander and Markus.

We design clothes that draw inspiration from the automotive culture.

We look for stories that go hand in hand with the cars. And our garments reflect the story with their designs and the choice of materials, like using thick vintage-feel cotton on our hoodies that feature historic car models. We also enjoy using vintage equipment in our creative processes, like film cameras, or experimenting with different materials, textures, and grains.

Atelier Eau Rouge is for people that see cars as something more than just a vehicle and want to share the emotions and thrill that come with a spirited life towards them.

Atelier Eau Rouge

The brand’s name “Eau Rouge” comes from Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, one of the most historical motorsport circuits which is located in Belgium. The track is home to the Raidillon and Eau Rouge corner combination which is a fast section that sweeps uphill with a blind summit. The Eau Rouge corner gets its name from the river stream it passes over which is known for its red water.